• Pharma/Biotech/MD&D Annual Membership (individual) ($995.00)
• Pharma/Biotech/MD&D Annual Membership (group of 4-6 people) ($3,595.00)
• Pharma/Biotech/MD&D Annual Membership (group of 7-10 people) ($5,595.00)
• Agency/Vendor/Service Provider Annual Membership (individual) ($2,195.00)


The term of membership will be a rolling 12-month membership, meaning if you sign up on June 15, 2023, then your membership will be valid through June 15, 2024.


Pharma/Biotech/MD&D Individual Membership: Individuals directly affiliated with a Pharma/Biotech/MD&D company. Membership terms and benefits are associated with the registered individual, and is not transferrable.

Pharma/Biotech/MD&D Group Memberships: Groups or departments directly affiliated with a Pharma/Biotech/MD&D company. Pricing tiers are set forth for 4-6 members or 7-10 members. If you need customization for your team, please ask for further assistance.

Agency/Vendor/Service Provider Membership: Individuals affiliated with a company that supports our Pharma/Biotech/MD&D companies as vendors or service providers. Membership terms and benefits are associated with the registered individual, and is not transferrable.


Exclusive Virtual Events Access: Receive complimentary access to all PMRC Virtual Events, Pharma CI Virtual Events, and all past and future webinars (Valued at $4,000+)

Live Event Discounts: The Pharma CI Conference & Exhibition is the best and largest assembly of competitive intelligence executives in pharma, biotech, and medical devices for 15 years. Enjoy this extraordinary discount on all live events and reconnect with your colleagues and community.

  • For Pharma/Biotech/MD&D: 25% off LIVE in-person events including our Pharma CI series plus PMRC series, and access to all pre-conference masterclasses for any events that hold them.(Valued at $3,500+)
  • For Agency/Vendor/Service Provider: Sponsorship/ exhibition packages are purchased separately, but with any sponsorship package, any additional attendees from your company will be provided with 25% off of prevailing vendor delegate registration prices for up to two company representatives.(Valued at $10,000+)

Archive Access: Members receive exclusive access to our online archive of over 200+ presentation slides and 40+ keynote videos by industry experts from leading companies. Originally presented live over the course of our event series in the USA, Europe and Asia, this catalog of presentation slides and keynote videos are unique to the business intelligence industry. Peruse on your own schedule and expand your knowledge base, anywhere, anytime.

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