This is really the best gathering of CI practicioners. You have a level of maturity, you have a higher level of executives and officers participating. You have people who are vendors with 30 years of experience. So very, very, deep, rich experiences and rich sharing.


Chris Bogan, CEO & Founder, Best Practices

I think it’s a great opportunity to talk to agencies to see what they do differently. Sometimes we’re stuck with the same agency and being here and being able to talk to so many different people and different ways they approach all they same problems, it’s really very, very useful. And it’s always great to understand what are the new things coming into the field. I mean I think there was a lot of talk about artificial intelligence and I’m really eager to see how we can apply that to CI.


Julio Pozueta, Assoc. Director, Customer & Business Insights New Products Oncology, Bayer

It has been a great experience, presentations were outstanding and organization/logistics perfect.



It was fantastic and I particularly enjoyed the “Solving a CI problem” session. It was really a great experience to see teams from different pharma companies and vendors coming together to share ideas on how we can all better successfully meet challenges.


BioPharma Resource Groups (CVrg,ONCrg)

Pharma CI is Biopharma’s Annual Dose of ‘Intelligence on Intelligence.’



Most influential global gathering of pharma/biotech competitive intelligence executives.


Actelion Pharmaceuticals, Ltd.

It was a real pleasure to participate at the Pharma CI Conference &
Exhibition. The event is so well attended and provided a great forum for CI Healthcare professionals to discuss and debate the value of CI and how it can continue to flourish going forward. The huge attendance was a testimony to a well organised and engaging event.


Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Your conference is by far the most valuable conference I’ve attended during my career.


Merial, The Animal Health Division of Sanofi

Extremely interesting conference, very relevant for CI professionals and a great opportunity to exchange ideas and challenges.


Sanofi Aventis

Your conference brings together the best of the Pharma CI community. I wouldn’t miss it.


Boehinger Ingelheim

I have attended the conference for several years now and this year was the best yet. It seems to get bigger and better each year.


The ABIS Group

I enjoyed the panel very much and was extremely happy with how the round table discussion went the next day. It was great to have so many engaging and experienced people attend and facilitate a lively discussion. I will definitely be interested in being a part of this next year.


EMD Serono

The 2015 Pharma CI meeting was the best yet. Amy and her superb operations team and the steering group led by Daniel Pascheles and Sue Ward, continue to evolve the meeting into the premier forum for education and networking with healthcare and lifescience CI professionals. Exposure to the best minds in the industry, education on the innovative concepts and techniques, and engagement with a diverse group of colleagues, makes me look forward to future meetings.


Aurora WDC

The networking and collaboration amongst the healthcare industries is priceless. This conference allowed many of us to share common challenges and brainstorm ideas on how to bring CI to the next level for everyone competing in the Pharma/Med Device industries.


ETHICON a Johnson & Johnson company

This is a Must Attend meeting for BI/CI professionals in the pharma/biotech industry due to the value of networking opportunities alone.


Global Pharma Alliance

This is the premiere CI meeting for the pharma/biotech industry. This
meeting provides practical tips on CI processes, new useful industry insights, and allows close interactions with key CI vendors and industry professionals.



It was the best pharma competitive intelligence or pharma business
intelligence conference that I’ve attended in many years. It was just the right mix of topics and a fine selection of speakers.



It was very valuable hearing the “gurus” of pharma CI discuss what they predict will be the important issues for our industry in the future, and what we as CI professionals need to do to make sure our companies are prepared.


Boehinger Ingelheim

A real Who’s Who in Pharmaceutical Competitive Intelligence



This was the best Pharma and Medical Device CI conference that I’ve attended in many years. I was particularly interested in the Medical Devices track, which was excellent. There has been a lack of high quality conferences that focus on the unique challenges and opportunities of CI in the Medical Devices industry. The Conference met that need very effectively, both through the high quality of its speakers and its extensive networking opportunities.


Roche Diagnostics

This is a great place for me to meet multiple clients without me having to go out to each individual client which would be a lot more expensive. There are not that many good conferences out there or niche conferences where you can walk into a conference, have a really great conference, great meeting, good flow, and you actually walk away with enough opportunities to cover the conference and then some. That’s what this is about.


Dwayne Bowie, Senior Consultant, FirstWord

The only way to describe it is you just gotta jump in and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. My comment is kudos to everyone who puts on this event, it’s a learning event, it’s a networking event, and it’s a fun event. Pharma CI Conference experience same as always: great, glad to be here, looking forward to coming back next year.


Chris Perkins, Marketing Analytics Lead, Roche Diabetes Care

One of the rules I have, anybody who is new on my team, I highly, highly encourage them to attend this conference.


Play video above to see and hear more on why Pharma CI is a must-attend event.

The Pharma CI Conference is definitely the place to be. It’s the one where you have the broadest, widest selection of agencies and also colleagues attending.


Play video above to see and hear more about keeping up with trends at Pharma CI.

The Pharma CI conference offers a fantastic opportunity to meet with industry professionals from the NJ metro area, as well as the entire United States and even on a global scale.


Play video above to see and hear more on why it is essential to come to Pharma CI.

Excellent for networking, excellent for getting to grips with our clients’ burning questions which we might not have the opportunity to engage them with when you’re working.


Play video above to see and hear more on why networking excels at Pharma CI.

Marvelous, fantastic, and extraordinary in terms of bringing all CI professionals from both the agency side as well as the client side together in a platform where they can exchange thoughts and create value for the future.


Play video above to see and hear more on how Pharma CI brings together the agency and the client.

It’s just meeting clients that we wouldn’t be able to get in touch with otherwise, really, we got a lot of good connections.


Play video above to see and hear more on how Pharma CI is all about making connections

The Pharma CI Conference is the foremost conference in Pharma CI.


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