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Tuesday, 21 June, 2022
Wednesday, 22 June, 2022
Thursday, 23 June, 2022

Registration and Welcome Coffee/ Light Breakfast

Creating and Delivering Reports that Make a Difference

Impacting major decisions with information, insight, and context is not easy.

The Molekule team will highlight the key considerations in developing an impactful, strategic, delivery that considers the type of decision being influenced, the audience, the purpose, and destroys some of the widely held myths about report writing and presenting. Dave Alderman, Founder and President, and Chris Stevenson, Managing Director, Europe

Presented by Molekule Consulting

Networking Lunch

How to Create a Winning Competitive Landscape Analysis – A Step-by-Step Practical Guide

An interactive session where the Lifescience Dynamics team will share its knowledge and experience in building and analysing a comprehensive landscape.

o Steps for understanding a new therapy area
o Identification of key players in the space, from preclinical through to marketed products
o Predicting competitors’ timelines by preparing well supported assumptions using CI Insights

Presented by Lifescience Dynamics

Networking Break and Refreshments

Developing a Competitive Activity Framework to Enhance Organizational Competitiveness

This workshop session will give participants first-hand insights from a combined 30+ years of experience in delivering strategic and tactical workshop-style solutions, using an optimal blend of established CI frameworks alongside INOVIS’ in-house proprietary methodologies.

Key to this session will be addressing business needs across the lifecycle, whereby participants will:

* Develop an in-depth understanding of how a diverse range of facilitated activities (Rapid Immersion, Threat Assessment and Competitor Simulations) can help deliver strategic and competitive insights within an organization
* Appreciate the importance of leveraging the outcomes of workshops to inform and direct decision making
* Receive hands-on opportunities to apply learnings to a pharma case-study in a learning environment
Using business case studies, real-life experiences and validated theory, the INOVIS team will equip you with a number of go-to techniques that can be rapidly integrated into ongoing CI Practice, whether you’re a seasoned CI professional veteran, or newer to the field.

Presented by INOVIS

Masterclasses Conclude

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Chairpersons’ Opening Remarks

Presented by Chiesi Farmaceutici S.p.A. and Novartis

How Tech is Transforming Pharma

How the convergence of open innovation and technological transformation are changing the industry and creating great opportunities for the future.

Presented by DayOne, Basel Area Business & Innovation

How to Build a Successful and Sustainable CI Function

When structuring an in-house CI function there are several critical considerations.

The Molekule team will challenge the audience to think differently about the purpose and role of the CI function and explain from experience how to create an influential, integrated function that is respected and integral to decision making. It has a lot to do with purpose and position. For those who already lead in-house teams this presentation will challenge your role and goals and make you think differently about how your function is positioned.

Presented by Molekule Consulting

Refresh & Connect in Exhibition Hall

Leveraging CI To Shape Your Go To Market Strategy: A Case Study On The Healthcare Price Of Longevity

Lifescience Dynamics will discuss how competitive intelligence can be used to identify market access opportunities and build a successful strategy

• Understand how competitors perceive and prioritise key access challenges and their approaches to address them
• Identify go-to-market activities and strategies that address healthcare systems’ needs and how they are implemented throughout the development and launch of a product
• Assess how success is measured and benchmarked by competitors, payers, patients and prescribers

Presented by Lifescience Dynamics

“Ask the Experts” Interactive Breakout Groups

(Explore and capture the power of participants’ Insights and experiences and exploration of these topics in this fun and informal environment in small groups.)
CI & Friends In A Global Organization: How To Boost Competences and Influence of A Network of Professionals To Gather CI at Local Level

Presented by Chiesi Farmaceutici S.p.A.

Are You Delivering CI That Is Strategic and Actionable or Just Nice-to-Know Competitor Information?

Many CI professionals are excited to report stakeholders on new timing estimates for competitor trial completion or on issues a competitor may have with their manufacturing facilities.

Basically, competitor information. The discussion will aim to help the attendees to “translate” any competitor information, like above, into actionable strategic intelligence, making it more relevant for the stakeholders.

Presented by Bayer

Networking Luncheon


Accelerating Intelligence by Integrating Structured and Unstructured Data

The merging of unstructured and structure data remains a priority for companies worldwide as they struggle to address the existing information gap existing from these two unmerged structures.

Departments from business insights, market research and competitive intelligence at pharmaceutical companies rarely work with “Big Data”, and are therefore less familiar with the required software in this field – the current lack of structure of available data slows the insight generation process, resulting in loss of value for every company. A key problem for Pharmaceutical Industry professionals when it comes to understanding the competitive landscape is the amount of unstructured data available.

The solution to integrating needs to be simple and adaptable to any environment, therapy area or Lifecycle Management Stage of the pharmaceutical product.
• Today, the pharmaceutical industry is accelerating its data gathering process for insights and competitive intelligence. What used to be outsourced, is now insourced; companies are awarding its internal Insights/Analytics Departments the right tools needed to gather and analyse vast amounts of information from the secondary domain.

From a Data Analytics perspective, the problem can be divided into two main categories.
– First, in identifying the signal from the noise: to swiftly identify the key data points that have a direct impact into commercial and marketing plans.
-Secondly, accessing this information in an easy-ready to read format for all stakeholders in the pharmaceutical company.

The problem was address with a simple steps:
1. Construction of Logical Structured Data Framework. In this framework, all competitor activities can be classified and stored in the same structured format, regardless of Therapy Area, MoA, class, competitor or distributor, or any variable that may seemingly make your competitor different than others. In other words, we looked at the common logic of competitive dynamics in LCM, rather that forcing models into one single reference point

2. The integration of unstructured data into the structured framework. By allowing the possibility to access unstructured data with insights into competitors, following the logic of point (1) we can easily segment vast amounts of data and in just a few clicks, are stakeholders are able to access and swift through hundreds of data points to arrive at the right data point.

Presented by Teva


The Use of Foresight/Futures in Strategic CI

Presented by UCB


Using Primary and Secondary Insights to Optimize Global Pharmaceutical Sales Force Strategies 2.0

Prior to 2020, the pharmaceutical field forces were geared towards in-person interactions and information exchange.

That all changed when the COVID-19 pandemic forced many medical offices to restrict visitors and pharmaceutical sales reps. A lasting impact has been a re-focusing of the sales rep role and a restructuring of the sales structure.

This session will explore how pharmaceutical sales evolved in the COVID-19 era and how that evolution will continue in the post-COVID era. The impacts include changes in how salespeople interact with the medical community, the role of technology in the sales program, and how sales will integrate with other commercial and medical support resources.

It is very likely that there will be continued changes in the sales force over the next few years as the early adaptions to COVID restrictions are refined and made permanent. In this session, some of the change drivers and how they will be implemented will be debated. If you are concerned about where your field force, or your competitors’, is going, it is a can’t miss session.

Presented by Fletcher/CSI


How has Brexit Altered the New Medicines' Regulatory Landscape in Europe?

Brexit; a seismic shift in the European regulatory landscape, or not? Since the 1st of January 2021, the UK no longer automatically follows the EMA decisions for new medicine approvals.

What does this mean for pharmaceutical companies applying for marketing authorisation in the EU and the UK?

Dig Worldwide will guide attendees through a map of this altered territory for medicine approvals in the EU and the UK, with key dates along assessment timelines. You will learn the procedural options available, how fast your clients’ competitors could reach market depending on the pathway to approval they choose, and what all this could mean for UK Pharma.

Presented by Dig Worldwide


Ultra-Rare Disorders, Competitive Challenges and Opportunities, Rare Cancer Therapeutics: Competitive Intelligence to Support Asset Development

Presented by Biomarin


How to Make Data Driven Decisions a Reality

“War is 90% information” (N. Bonaparte)

In this talk we will focus on how Artificial Intelligence & Data Science could lead to competitive advantage in the pharma industry today.
We have identified a framework to help us structuring our data driven approach and understanding how we could lead the way to actionable insights.
We will talk about why Big Data come on stage and which are the new competences that a pharma organization needs to have to leverage those data.
The session will also explore the technological journey we have to face and the challenges of a big data transformation.

Presented by Zambon

Refuel & Rejuvenate in Exhibition Hall


CI at the Border Between Personal Health Services and Public Health

Health is one of the mega trends and many expect this sector will become the driver of the 6th Kondratieff Wave. Advances in medical knowledge, AI driven decision support systems, personalized treatment options and telemedicine are key components of this development.

A recent demonstration of the huge potential of modern pharmaceutical capabilities is the rapid development of several SARS-CoV-2-vaccines almost within one year following the outbreak of the pandemic.
From an individual perspective there is a division between (life style) products facilitating a preventative health approach and public health care services, which will come into play when symptoms are apparent and the disease has manifested. These two ends of health are likely to come closer together in the future. In between there are apps and wearable´s with the potential to provide a bridge between the two poles.
As a consequence CI is required to extend the view from clinical trials and the therapy side to the entire value chain of personal health.
The value chain in a digitalized society has a likely starting point at a fitness app or likewise a symptom tracker app. From that point onwards a user might follow the path, which the app-based-ecosystem lays out conveniently – up to the end point of a prescription. This provides a new form of patient journey. It may provide a thread to services and therapy options outside this closed app-based-ecosystem.
The strategic concept of “owning the disease” in combination with health apps, which target users and patients directly, might have a major influence in terms of access to specific patients groups. A second consequence might be a shift between public health services and private health.
The talk will give examples and raise the awareness for up and coming health apps.

Presented by Limbach Gruppe


Adapting Predictive Analytics in an Organization to Gain Competitive Edge

Presented by Lonza


Impact of CI on Business Case and Project Valuation

Presented by Tillotts Pharma


Improve Decision-making Through Competition Signal Tracking For Early Strategic Evaluation

As the pharma industry continues to evolve, drug innovators and developers require customizable tools and approaches to analyze the market, identify unmet needs and gauge potential growth areas of their interest.

This session will introduce competitor analysis that’ll aid in forming actionable and timely corporate strategies. WNS approaches Competitive Intelligence (CI) challenges with a ‘Mind + Machine’ method that empowers clients to gain a competitive edge. During the session, WNS case studies and relevant project experiences will be shared as well.

The session will cover some of the key benefits offered by CI:
• Identifying potential threats and understanding the impact of competitors’ portfolio on your brands
• Approaches utilizing real-time and extensive data monitoring across the secondary domain
• Curation and data analysis for timely and informed decision-making

Presented by WNS and Bayer


Get Ready to SPRING Forward

On top of facilitating your Competitive Intelligence (secondary and primary), GlobalReach BI has implemented a Knowledge Management platform: SPRING...

Using the power of the latest technology, SPRING consolidates all your intelligence around a topic, disease area, mechanism of action, competitor, in a structured manner. Your internal teams can have access to allow fast & easy searching to connect all the dots across your clinical & commercial intelligence, across your organization.

SPRING uses transcription technology to make sure all your insights are integrated into your dedicated platform. Let’s take a look at how AI can benefit you in your CI workflow and most importantly, tremendously increase your CI efficiency.

Presented by GlobalReach BI


Best Practice - Efficiency of Technology for CI Monitoring Projects

Lifescience Dynamics will discuss new practical tools and how they can be used to save time while also improving efficiency and accuracy in competitive intelligence monitoring

o The process of identifying challenges in CI monitoring tasks and developing automated solutions
o Tracking changes to clinical trials in real time
o Generating conference planners automatically
o Functional visualisation of data

Presented by Lifescience Dynamics

Cocktail Reception and Networking (sponsored by Lifescience Dynamics)

Good Morning! Registration & Welcome Coffee in Exhibition Hall


Business Development in a Medium-Sized Pharmaceutical Company – Challenges and Opportunities

Presented by medac


Building a Successful CI Program

Swapnil will share his learnings and experiences in building and leading successful CI programs across product life cycle. Priorities when you are building a CI program.

– Communicating with your key stakeholders
– CI Refresh and building new deliverables
– Centralized CI database
– Communicating CI insights across the organization

Presented by Novartis


How To Reboot Competitive Intelligence Framework Across Healthcare Ecosystem, Focused On Entire Spectrum Of Stakeholder Insights

This session is intended for healthcare industry stakeholders who will be benefit by

1. Understanding of Integrated CI methodology across healthcare ecosystem which provides 360-degree insights
2. Development of stronger CI and BI insights roadmap and intuitive visualization for CI end users
3. Empower CI end users with real-time data reporting and analytics topped with social media and web insights

Presented by Borderless Access

Refresh & Connect in Exhibition Hall

“Ask the Experts” Interactive Breakout Groups

(Explore and capture the power of participants’ Insights and experiences and exploration of these topics in this fun and informal environment in small groups.)
Are You Delivering CI That Is Strategic and Actionable or Just Nice-to-Know Competitor Information?

Many CI professionals are excited to report stakeholders on new timing estimates for competitor trial completion or on issues a competitor may have with their manufacturing facilities.

Basically, competitor information. The discussion will aim to help the attendees to “translate” any competitor information, like above, into actionable strategic intelligence, making it more relevant for the stakeholders.

Presented by Bayer

Personal Professional Challenges – How to Sell your Analysis Internally

Presented by SOTIO, a.s.

Networking Luncheon

Experience hands-on Europe’s leading business magician (courtesy of INOVIS in celebration of their 30th anniversary)

Evolving EU and UK Regulatory Strategies – What do you need to know?

*This session highlights the importance of understanding the EU regulatory framework when tracking competitors – be it Branded, Gx or Biosimilar products. Specifically this presentation will enable you to:

• Advance your understanding of core EU regulatory routes, timelines and strategies
• What additional considerations are needed for the UK market, following withdrawal from the EU?
• Understand regulatory dynamics and what CI solutions you can put in place
• Learn from & set up a best-in-industry Gx/biosimilar regulatory intelligence (RI) and CI tracking program

The presentation will be supported by thought provoking real-world case studies to stress differences between theory vs actual regulatory approaches

Presented by INOVIS

Blockbuster Competitive Intelligence: Building a winning strategy!

A prescription drug that surpasses $1 billion in sales is known as a blockbuster. It's a rare feat, but when a pharmaceutical company finds a true blockbuster drug they usually have a robust competitive readiness program in place.

Blockbuster Competitive Intelligence is a new framework that almost nobody knows. This framework maximizes the potential of a drug and increases the impact that you can have with competitive intelligence.

So, what is it and how can you leverage it?

Blockbuster Competitive Intelligence outlines how Competitive Intelligence is used to develop, launch, and commercialize a blockbuster drug (or a drug that is critical to the success of the organization).

Over the past two decades, we have worked with multiple blockbusters and potential blockbuster products. We have experimented and innovated successful approaches while working at Roche, Novartis. With Atacana we continue to innovate and support the majority of the top 10 pharma companies helping their blockbuster competitive intelligence strategies.

In this talk, we will share with you our Blockbuster Competitive Intelligence framework and help you maximize the potential of your product. We look forward to seeing you there!

Presented by Atacana Group

AI to Transform Health Systems

What is AI for health and what are some of ist practical applications in the field of CV population health? In this presentation, we will introduce the work of the Novartis Foundation in the field of data-led initiatives to support health systems being reactive to proactive, predictive and preventative.

Presented by Novartis

Closing Remarks from Co-Chairs

Presented by Chiesi Farmaceutici S.p.A. and Novartis

Conference Concludes