I would definitely recommend it to everyone working in Pharma CI


Boehringer Ingelheim

It’s about the quality. I think it’s very good at being in this sort of more exclusive network and being able to connect with all the CI colleagues, practices, and understand how the trends are. I think it’s a lot about the quality.


Antonios Danikas, Director of Business Development, Fenix

It’s a unique opportunity for networking, so meet with peers and exchange information with peers. So networking is the first thing. The second thing is a learning experience. We don’t have so many trainings given to CI professionals, so whenever we have new people, new to CI, they come here and learn a lot because it’s a two-day intensive training session. And the third is, while it’s true we are all CI professionals, we do not exchange information but we exchange best practices. You can always learn from your peers and go back home with a new idea, a new project to implement. That’s the real value that this conference has.


Sara Panigone, Competitive Intelligence Group Manager, Chiesi Farmaceutici S.p.A.

The Pharma CI Conference is no doubt the leading conference, bringing together pharmaceutical and biotech, competitive intelligence practitioners, and companies that provide competitive intelligence services.


Dr. Heresh Rezavandi, BSc, MSc, Ph.D., Deputy Director, Bayer Consumer Care AG

The pharmaceutical business is an evolving world, so it’s very important to keep evolving to keep changing, adapting. Not to maintain similar programs but to keep changing. This is what happens at this conference, attending for the last almost ten years.


Dr. Rachid BenHamza, Director Product Management, Commercial Operations, Helsinn Healthcare S.A.

I would recommend everybody who can to come and attend the Pharma CI Conference, it’s really an amazing opportunity to really get the idea, really get to know people, get some knowledge from it and it really is an amazing opportunity.


PharmaForce International

Truly inspiring conference with thought-provoking talks on the dynamics in the CI world. Digitalization in Pharma (and CI) is definitively one topic to stay tuned. On top, the meeting provided an excellent opportunity to network with CI professionals from Pharma and Agencies and to learn about best practice approaches in the various CI fields.


Boehringer Ingelheim

It is a great opportunity to network with peers. Have attended all the Pharma CI EUR Conferences.



Excellent presentations. Format of the conference very motivating/diversified.



Good mix of presentations, interactive roundtables and exhibition – all relevant providers were there.


Boehringer Ingelheim

Excellent presentations, speakers, organization. Very diversified topics, different approaches and all speakers very interesting.



It’s a great opportunity to network and meet with other people, practitioners, and vendors in the field, find out what’s going on, share thoughts and ideas. There’s a lot of interactive sessions as well, like the round table discussions where you can kind of share ideas. I actually think it’s great for people who are starting out because then they can get a flavor for what’s going on in other companies and the vendor landscape as well. I think it can be quite difficult when you’re just starting out, particularly if you’re starting out in a company where maybe you’re the first CI person or the first person to fill a CI role. So I think it can really help to get a perspective on what’s going on more broadly in the industry and in the vendor landscape as well.


Alex Roland, Portfolio Competitor Insights and Analytics Director, GSK


You can meet everyone, you can talk to everybody, I think that’s a great advantage. Also that it’s focused on pharma, which I also like a lot. Some of the other conferences I’ve been to have been very broad scope and there tends to be a lot of noise there.


Jacob Falck Hansen, Ph.D., Vice President, Head of Competitive Intelligence, Novo Nordisk A/S


If you’re new to competitive intelligence, especially in the pharmaceutical industry, I think it’s a great opportunity to get to know more about CI and how CI can actually help you do better in your business.


Abbes Cadi-Tazi, Sr. Business Analyst, Lifescience Dynamics


I think it’s the networking, the sharing of best practices. It’s a very open forum, not just at the sessions but in between the sessions. People can really share their experiences, not just with different vendors but just how they do CI.


Marc Limacher, MBA, Founder and CEO, INOVIS


Roundtable sessions and the lunches were very good. There was plenty of time for networking and viewing the vendor stands.




Thank you for such a great CI conference in Barcelona. It was an excellent opportunity to be amongst so many of my peers in the industry and to explore potential collaborations with CI vendors.




A well balanced and well timed event allowing to share and discuss CI with stimulating professionals.


Sanofi Pasteur


The EUR CI in Pharma conference was a valuable professional experience in terms of pharma-specific CI content, networking and best practice. I would highly recommend this event to anyone involved in the competitive intelligence field in the healthcare arena.