Think Labs: Innovation

Wednesday, September 21, 2022
2:35 pm - 3:05 pm

Think Labs: Innovation


Using Competitive Dashboards to Stay Ahead of Your Competition: Realistic Considerations for an Online Tool

• Sensitivity vs Specificity - Finding the right balance

• 3rd party integration
• Housing and indexing internal files
• Walkthrough of ProactivePulse

Presented by Proactive Worldwide


The Journey of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learnings in Supporting & Informing Business Strategy – Case Studies and Learnings

Today more than ever, we are flooded with more information on a daily basis than we can consume.

We need new tools now to help us sort, distill, categorize, and prioritize the events around us to deliver the insights that our business partners depend on. Most of our success in this effort has been through integrating in various combinations our own proprietary libraries with the powerful NLP, NER, and neural network tools. Please join us as we review our learnings and applications of these to real life business case studies.

Presented by Ozmosi


Get Ready to SPRING Forward

On top of facilitating your Competitive Intelligence (secondary and primary), GlobalReach BI has implemented a Knowledge Management platform: SPRING...

Using the power of the latest technology, SPRING consolidates all your intelligence around a topic, disease area, mechanism of action, competitor, in a structured manner. Your internal teams can have access to allow fast & easy searching to connect all the dots across your clinical & commercial intelligence, across your organization.

SPRING uses transcription technology to make sure all your insights are integrated into your dedicated platform. Let’s take a look at how AI can benefit you in your CI workflow and most importantly, tremendously increase your CI efficiency.

Presented by GlobalReach BI

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