CI Award of the Year

2019 CI Award of the Year

Innovate and Win!! See Details Below

The Pharma CI’s Award of the Year is an annual competition recognizing innovation in competitive intelligence. Now in it’s 4th year, the CI Award of the Year applauds the companies that use the most impactful approaches of competitive intelligence to reach new heights in terms of insight and advancement. This year’s winner will be determined onsite by a vote of their peers, making the award that much more prestigious.

Here’s a look at previous winners…


Matthew Maryniak, Co-Founder & President, Fenix Group International


Eduardo Fernandez, VP of Business Operations and Business Development, Exeltis


Hari Patel, Director – Portfolio & Product Development, BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc.
(formerly of Genentech. Pictured on the left with his Genentech CI team)

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