Safety Guidelines

Pharma CI’s Commitment to Your Safety

We could not be more pleased to have you back in person so you can get back to the business that means so much to you. Pharma CI is committed to providing a safe space where you can interact with your colleagues, while still following local and CDC guidelines for your health and safety.

Pharma CI, along with Marriott and the state of New Jersey, will be working in tandem to keep you up to date on the latest recommendations.

You can read the latest updates from New Jersey here:

You can find Marriott’s Commitment to Clean here:

Pharma CI will be reviewing and adjusting our plan as we get closer to the event. Full details will be provided later (and additional safety information will be provided onsite), but you can expect:

Facemasks MAY be required, so please bring your own if preferred, but masks and hand sanitizers will also be provided
Social Distancing will be in place
Meeting space will accommodate more spacing between attendees
The hotel experience will be entirely revamped with specific cleaning protocols
Food and beverages will be available with minimal interaction from hotel staff

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